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CNC-BearbeitungszentrenCNC processing equipmentобрабатывающие центры с ЧПУ


We welcome them - please ask!

PPF GmbH & Co. KG Leipzig
Breslauer Straße 17 - 19
04299 Leipzig

+49 (0)341 86049-0
+49 (0)341 86049-11

CNC equipment

1MITSUBISHI wire eroding machine MV 1200 R
1EXERON 5-axis cutting machine HSC 600/5
1KASTO bandsaw Kastopractical U2
1ZEISS VistaMot coordinate measuring machine with pre-setting facility
1OPS-INGERSOLL Gantry Eagle 800 EDM eroding machine with 8-fold automatic pallet exchanger and 80-fold electrode exchanger
1AGIE vertical eroding unit AGIETRON Impact 3 with 6-fold automatic pallet exchanger and 144 rod holders
1EROWA electrode assembly station
1CHARMILLES CNC wire eroding machine Robofil 440
1STARTLOCH vertical eroding machine
2DIGMA HSC electrode milling machine 700 GC
1OKAMOTO surface grinding machine ACC-66CA
1JUNG CNC profile grinding machine JA 500-1
1DECKEL MAHO universal grinder DMU 65 Mono Block
1Deckel MAHO vertical machining centre DMC 70V series 2hd, 700x500
1Deckel MAHO universal grinding and drilling machine DMU 50 T/ TNC 426, 500x400
1FEHLMANN CNC grinding and drilling machine Picomax 54 D. 500x250
1DEGEN deep-hole drilling machine UTB 600
1DEGEN precision cut-off and surface grinding machine TAM 25/600

Quality Assurance

1VISION Engineering 3-coordinate CNC optical measuring microscope with PC and inspection software
1TESA-Leitz 3-dimensional measuring instrument with HP computer, inspection software, electronic scanning and video visualisation
1VISION Engineering stereo zoom microscope
Gauge block sets, linear measuring tools and other measuring equipment