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PPF GmbH & Co. KG Leipzig
Breslauer Straße 17 - 19
04299 Leipzig

+49 (0)341 86049-0
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Tool- and mould-making for plastics processing

  • One-stop project management,
  • Project development,
  • Project management,
  • Consultations,
  • Project support,
  • Project monitoring and control
  • Product development and design,
  • Manufacture of tools,
  • Obtaining of appropriate tools,
  • Care, repair and maintenance of tools,
  • Modification of tools,
  • Commissioning of sub-contracted work,
  • Manufacture of plastic parts by means of collaboration among the PPF associates.

Plastics Processing

In the cooperating plastics processing units of PPF´s with high-performance machinery is available for the production of engineered plastic parts.

  • Thermoplastic injection moulding (single or multiple component injection) ,
  • Thermoset injection moulding and sprueless BMC processing,
  • Thermoset pressing

Development and Design

For the whole period of the project, starting from consultation on the appropriate plastics and tools for the manufacture of the item, we will be closely involved with you, our customer, supporting you with our deep knowledge of materials and design.

  • The PPF development team progresses sophisticated designs, both 3D and 2D
  • using the most up-to-date of CAD/ CAM software
  • rapid and uninterrupted data-transmission