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Werkzeug- und FormenbauTooling and mould constructionПроизводство оснастки и пресс-форм


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PPF GmbH & Co. KG Leipzig
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04299 Leipzig

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Tooling and mould construction


To make plastic parts which will be successful in use, quality tools.

The success depends absolutely on the highest of accuracy and reliability.    

In our in-house tool-making and mould-making, our perfectionism and attention to detail mean that our execution of our customer´s requirements is absolutely the best possible.

The most up-to-date of CNC processing equipment and all the profound knowledge and know-how of our highly qualified staff contribute to our engineering of perfect tools and moulds.

The high level of precision we attain is due not only to the fine craftsmanship of our team but also to the wide range of machines they have for cutting, turning, wire eroding, deep-hole drilling and jig grinding whether of profiles or x and y coordinates.

Because we are obviously concerned that your tools should have a long life, we will also commit to maintaining, repairing or modifying them.