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PPF GmbH & Co. KG Leipzig
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Development and Design


Our concern is the success of each project, which means that at every stage our highest priority is individualised, technically skilled cooperation with our customer.

For the whole period of the project, starting from consultation on the appropriate plastics and tools for the manufacture of the item, we will be closely involved with you, our customer, supporting you with our deep knowledge of materials and design.

We start with innovative ideas and go through the specifications for design and function to a perfect conclusion.

This we do while at the same time seeking the most economical and technologically advantageous solution for the project you have in mind.

You, as the customer, will set the standards and we will fulfil them. Your success is our success.

The PPF development team progresses sophisticated designs, both 3D and 2D, using the most up-to-date of CAD/ CAM software (SIEMENS NX, VISI-CAD, CIMATRON).

We find that rapid, uninterrupted data-transmission is of great importance if we are to guarantee the customer true design collaboration.
We make use of the usual interfaces to capture and process customer data without any delays.

The CAD-CAM data flow enables the process chain to be carried out immediately, ensuring that the product will be a high-performance tool or mould speedily supplied, meeting all quality standards, and highly competitive on the market.

It goes without saying that the production of the electrodes will take place by means of careful digitisation from the 3D model.